Canyon Runner – 48′ Viking & 60′ Ritchie Howell

“Once again I have to send a big thank you out to Atlantis Propeller for re-tuning our props. We put the 48′ Viking in the water this week and ran her hard. We went from burning 42 an hour at 27 knots and 76% load on our trip up from Florida to 38 an hour at 28 knots at 68% load.

Ray at Atlantis had said our props were way out of line when we brought them in this spring but we barely noticed any vibration on the run up from Florida and really did not think they needed any work. Were we wrong.

As soon as our performance numbers vary one bit this year we will pull them off and send them back to Atlantis as every bit of fuel efficiency matters this year with diesel likely to be $5+ a gallon by canyon season.”

Adam & Crew of the Canyon Runner
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