Fuel Costs Are Rising!

Atlantis Propeller recognizes how the increased price of fuel has affected the boating industry. We are boaters ourselves! Your propellers are the final connection between your vessel’s power and the water. Let us make them the best they can be!

We measure and compare a minimum of 4 radii (maximum of 10) and 16 local areas on each blade of your propeller to determine local pitch, section pitch, blade pitch and propeller pitch. Technicians use this state of the art technology to evaluate and accurately isolate the problem areas of your prop.

We can see inaccuracies in pitch, camber and section shape that are important to the propeller’s performance and undetectable to the naked eye. This allows us to remove inconsistencies that cause vibration and slippage from the propeller, increasing comfort and maximizing every drop of fuel burned!




Have Atlantis Tune/Repair Your Propeller And Watch Your Fuel Savings Grow!

Use this calculator to get a quick idea of how much you could save…