2018 Winter Special – Inboards & Stainless

In an effort to reduce our spring workload and improve our service to you, we are once again offering 10% off our Full-Service prices from Nov. 1 until Jan. 31.

Right now is an excellent time to check your boats (normally loaded) wide open throttle RPM. If your RPM falls short or over manufacturers recommended range we can correct it for you – (be sure to record your #’s.)

Proper ENGINE WOT RPM (coupled with PROP SCAN CLASS 1 ISO PROPELLERS) will assure you maximum performance,efficiency and engine longevity at your cruise RPM.

When your engines are loaded properly – They work at their most efficient.
When your props are Class 1 ISO (reduced slippage) – They work at their most efficient.
Combined you get the best performance possible from your boat!

Our Full-Service for INBOARDS includes: Cleaning of prop, PROP SCAN Computerized Tuning of 5 Radii to Class 1 ISO 484/2 Standards, any necessary pitch changes, cup strengthening/adjustments, ream bore, file/fit keyway, static balance, pattern blades and a high-grade finish. Price is based on diameter and # of blades – but you will find we are very competitive with ‘traditional’ shops.

Our Full-Service for STAINLESS STEELS includes: Cleaning of Prop, PROP SCAN Computerized Tuning of 4 Radii to Class 1 ISO 484/2 Standards, ANY necessary pitch changes, cup strengthening / adjustment, moderate welding, hub check, balancing, and High-Grade Mirror Polish.

Basically your prop will be more accurate than new out of the box!

As always: Prop pullers are available for FREE use by our customers.
Inboard Propellers can be checked on the PROP SCAN Computers (for Class 1 Tolerance) in 10 Minutes while you wait – FREE.

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